Looking for a passionate and energetic keynote speaker to enlighten your company or professional association on the many ways social media can be utilized within your enterprise or organization?

Jay Oatway has a unique ability to demystify “social” and inspire businesses and professionals to unlock the true potential of this massive societal shift. He explains the new methodologies key to achieving many objectives including sales, business development, marketing, customer service, and human relations in the Social Era — crucial insights for any organization, be they B2B, B2C, non-profit or government institutions.

The common focus of his keynote presentations and speeches is in helping individuals understand how to participate, engage and optimize their online presence in a digital world, to benefit both their company and their own careers.

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His speaking style is vibrant, humor-laden, energetic, and personal. Jay customizes every presentation to address the audience at hand, and he adjusts during the presentation to match the level of comprehension as he goes along. Jay can cover any social media related topic from the 30,000-foot perspective all the way down to the step-by-step details, depending on audience and need.

He has presented to PR Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Hotel Marketing Associations, Recruitment Associations, Retail Associations, entrepreneurs, school administrators and parents, and many other groups. Professional corporate speaking engagements with major brands have included included BASF, AS Watson Group, GE, and Fleishman Hillier.

Jay uses an engaging storytelling tool called Prezi instead of PowerPoint to captivate his audiences. Click on any of the pictures to have a look at the Prezi.


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Becoming Brandividuals:

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