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How To Use Social Media to Become A Socialeader

How to be a Socialeader

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Why should you care about your digital presence, or how much online influence you have, or whether you know how to build social capital amongst relevant social media communities?

Simply, you will be social and economically disadvantaged if you don’t.

There was a time not so long ago when a CEO would dictate his correspondence to his secretary. The notion that he type it himself would have been laughed at. Today, the modern CEO is on his Blackberry all day. Tomorrow, business leaders will be the masters of their own social media empires.

This shift has already begun. Increasingly, business needs people who treat social media as a professional thought-leadership tool, both for their own careers and for the benefit of the company they work for. We want to do business with those who make social media feel less like mass marketing and more like customer service. We seek out those whose influence has grown through caring for their community.

The future needs Socialeaders.

There is fast becoming an alternate economy being built on top of social media. And those who ignore it, do so at their own peril.

Social Capital Has Its PerksA massive organisational shift is coming–to the way we work and the way we live. It’s everywhere. There is no escaping it. We must accept that everyone is a media company now. And, as the effects of online influence remap the world, we want to ensure a seat at the table for ourselves and for our families. Our best chance is to become a Socialeader and rise with the tide.

The divide between the social “haves” and “have nots” will be very real. Those who fail to chase this opportunity today are placing their future in jeopardy. We have seen the beginnings of a reputation economy take hold, with velvet ropes going up around goods and services reserved for only those with enough online influence.

That online influence doesn’t just happen. It can’t truly be bought–no matter how many digital agencies say they can sell it to you. Socialeaders must find their own stories. We must be clear in our hearts and in our minds of what we stand for. And we must step confidently onto the public stage and start meeting people.


The digital natives need proper online role models.

We need to set the example for the professional way to conduct ourselves through social media–it’s no different from the phone, which can also be misused at work or, by leaders, be used to close a big deal. At the time of writing this book, only 19 percent of Fortune 100 CEOs were on Facebook—only 13 were on LinkedIn. 

Today’s leaders must do more to demonstrate to the next generation of leaders how relationship business is done online.

We need to look to building and leveraging long-term partnerships, instead of burning bridges with spammy promotions. We are at the beginnings of cultivating an online army that will be with us for the rest of our lives.

The rest of our lives. Say that out loud and let it sink in. We have decades of social media to come in our lives. Start connecting the dots between where you are today and where you want to be in just a few years. You are not going to get there solely offline, at least not for much longer.

Don’t leave your future to chance. Don’t be the boat without the rudder. Be pro-active in building your influence: manage your Dunbar Portfolio; connecting to the right people, not the most people; claim a larger mind share of the master narrative. Be confident in yourself–you can be a significant online player. This isn’t the mass media era where the lime light was reserved for the anointed few. Today, all the online influence you want is there for the taking.

Go get it.

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